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I just added a new site here with a 
Collection of Videos Featuring Philippine Traditional Music
(Expanded and now presenting 90 video clips with my comments !!!)

I also took time now to put a preliminary version online of my  
Report About my Research Trip 2004

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Traditional Music of the
Ethnic Minorities in the Philippines

Player of Bukidnon violin dayuday By profession, I am an ethnomusicologist. During six research field trips to the Philippines, from 1976 on, I have been studying the music of the mountain people living on the southern island of Mindanao. On this website you will find  an introduction to the musical culture of the Bukidnon people  which includes 35 photographs, now completely re-designed, with updated photographs, and with  two VIDEO CLIPS of the Bukidnon dances dugsû and binanug.

There are also ABSTRACTS OF FOUR ARTICLES published in the “Reports of the German National Committee of the International Council for Traditional Music“ on the music of the Bukidnon and Tigwa Manobo, and on the music of the Philippine boat lutes, including 6 photographs and THREE MUSIC CLIPS.

The SAOT Project
(Sound Archive of Oral Traditions)

Bukidnon war dance saot In 1987, Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines proposed the establishment of a Sound Archive of Oral Traditions (SAOT). This project was applied for with the German government and consequently incorporated into a Philippine-German cultural agreement. However, for financial reasons it has not been realized to date. Hopefully, somebody reading this report on the SAOT project will come up with an idea on how to finance this important project. 

Gallery of Photographs
from Mindanao, Philippines

Datu Kinulintang and his daughter During my trips to Bukidnon province on the island of Mindanao, Philippines I took thousands of photographs. On this WEB site, I am presenting just a small selection of 91 PHOTOGRAPHS from my trips. More will be added in future. 
Additionally, there is now one animated sequence of pictures as well as one VIDEO CLIP of Magindanaon kulintang playing on the “Music and Dance” page.

The Original Music
of my Duo Flute & Voice

Hans Brandeis playing sitar
Together with my friend, Hans Reffert, one of the best guitar players in the Mannheim/Heidelberg area, I founded the duo Flute & Voice in spring 1970. The same year we recorded our first record album, “Imaginations of Light”, in 1973 our second one, “Hallo Rabbit”. In November 1995 both record albums were published together on one compact disc. Inspired by this new development, we recorded another album, “Drachenlieder (“Dragon Songs”) which was released in November 1996. The music of Flute & Voice is hard to describe: it's neither rock nor jazz nor folk nor Indian nor classical music but a weird mixture of influences from all these genres - real fusion music. 


The Contemporary Music
of my Father, Johann Karl Brandeis

Johann Karl Brandeis My father, aside from being a chemist by profession, was a gifted composer of contemporary music. His works, which show influence of Hindemith, Fortner, Stravinsky, and others, include chamber music (e.g. for piano solo, guitar solo, Lieder, string quartets) as well as orchestral compositions (e.g. three symphonies for grand orchestra). 

On this website, you can also listen to AUDIO CLIPS of five “Lieder”, sung by the son of the composer, as well as of six short compositions for piano solo. You can even DOWNLOAD THE SCORES of his “13 short pieces for classical guitar”  (1972).

List of Illustrations for Downloading
With Some Internet Research Regarding My Homepage

Symbol of a chart I am very interested in what actually happens to what I am offering to the Internet public. Therefore, I have monitored how many times each file of my homepage has been accessed since its establishment, and I have tried to make some analysis on what people like about my homepage and what they obviously are less interested in.

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There is now a DOWNLOAD section, where you can get PDF files of some of my publications and recordings.


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