The third ChaosEdit phase

With this release we hope to be able to enter an active development phase, where we'll be able to release new versions in a more regular way. Again we're more than open for bug reports (see known bugs first though) and suggestions to make ChaosEdit the editor of your choice ;)
If you find any bugs which aren't listed below you can discuss them in the beta section inside the appropriate thread at the DieHardWolfers forums.

Make sure you provide a "detailed bug report" which describes the bug itself (what it looks like on your display) and what you did to make the bug appear:
Try to reconstruct the error by remembering what you did before it crashed and write it down into the bug report. This is a VERY important step, because, if we can't reconstruct the bug on our systems, it might be VERY difficult to find the bug.
Of course screenshots are also a very fine additional thing to describe a bug, so we'll be happy to get some ;)

If any bug causes the programm or even your system to crash, we won't take any responsibilities for data loss or stuff like that, so keep backups of your TCs (we haven't encountered any data loss yet, but who knows...)


v1.27 -3DEdit:Made doors fully customizable (see "mapobjects\Wolfenstein 3D\sprinfo.txt" for an example)
-3DEdit:Removed limit for objects, actors and direction arrows
-3DEdit:Increased MAXVISABLE from 50 to 250
-MusicEdit:Change mouse cursor when hovering a tone
-Fixed: 3DEdit:Secret definition was not used by 3DEdit
-Fixed: Maps:Flickering of statistics
v1.26 -Palette:Added export to Wolf4SDL palette format
-MusicEdit:Display support of pitching
-MusicEdit:Reading and playing support for new music format with >64kB songs (supported by WDC and Wolf4SDL)
-Fixed: 3DEdit:Orientation of floor and ceiling textures. Now they reflect the orientation used in DarkOne's/Adam's tutorial
-Fixed: Maps:Crash when no maps could be loaded from a corrupted file
v1.25    -LoadAll:Made it also case insenstive to extensions
-Maps:Small compression improvement in some cases
-Sounds:Corrected initial sample rate to 7042
-Fixed: Maps:Serious bug in the compression routine causing data corruption in some cases (Codetech84 and Megabyte)
-Fixed: Maps:Crash when being in "Edit 3rd Plane" mode while loading a map without a 3rd plane
v1.24    -Maps:Added 3rd plane support to import/export of maps (Codetech84)
-Fixed: VGAGraph:Serious bug in the decompression routines causing data corruption in some cases (MacGyver and Chris)
v1.23    -Palettes:Added a "New palette" and an "Import palette" button also allowing to import a palette from a palettized BMP (thanks to Codetech84 for asking for it)
-Sound:Beautified some toolbar buttons (also the order changed to make it consistent to the other pages!!)
-Fixed: Textures:Removing any n textures removed n textures at the end!! (Codetech84)
-Fixed: Music:UpdateIMF (which also exports the edited song to "test.imf" in the current directory) messed up some Adlib registers
v1.22    -General:Improved undo support for import (you don't have to undo every single pixel anymore)
-Sprites:Improved sprite resampling by calculating alpha values
-LoadAll:Let standard names be in the first row of the combo boxes
-Fixed: General:Saving didn't work after using LoadAll in several situations
-Fixed: General:Several minor bugs
v1.21    General:Default map compressing mode is now "Compatible" to avoid hysterical people to proclaim earth's end because MapEdit isn't working... (Chris)
3DEdit:Increased MAXACTORS from the far too low value of 100 to 400 (150 is standard wolf setting) (Chris)
v1.2    General:Color table calculation greatly improved (concerning speed)!
ScreenEdit:Implemented pipette... a second time (somehow the last one got lost...)
ScreenEdit:Changed standard from black on black to gray on black and enabled the pen by default
MusicEdit:The current view position becomes displayed
MusicEdit:I think I improved the playback quality... at cost of volume...
MusicEdit:By clicking somewhere other than on a note you can start playing the song at that position
MusicEdit:Note positions and lengths can now be changed! To hear the result you must use the "Update" button, which will also create a "test.imf" file in the last used directory. Other saving options are NOT available yet. Also any changes will be lost when you go to another song. It's also not possible yet to add new notes.
ConfigPage:The active configuration now becomes marked
Fixed: General:LoadAll will use the same header file for all graphic categories
Fixed: General:If graphics were to be loaded and VGADICT or VGAHEAD don't have standard names, there was no way to choose the files to be loaded other than using the LoadAll feature
Fixed: General:Feature flags implemented (have a look at their tooltips)
Fixed: General:Wrong names for floors after game type change
Fixed: General:Some load, save and changes problems
Fixed: General:The last used extension will be used for symbols and stuff at the next startup
Fixed: MapEdit:Copy & paste toolbar buttons are now only enabled when they can be used
Fixed: MapEdit:Fixed invisible tiles (illegal tiles now map to 511)
Fixed: MapEdit:Paste doesn't mess up when pasting over the right edge
Fixed: 3DEdit:Not all 400-x static sprites were shown in maps with x direction marks (Chris)
Fixed: 3DEdit:The floor background is now painted black when showing floorcodes (Chris)
Fixed: SpriteEdit:Saving without compression didn't work anymore (Megabyte)
Fixed: FontEdit:Crash after font load due to uninitialised variables (Kate)
Fixed: ScreenEdit:Paste button was enabled when it shouldn't. You could even paste something in the start screen *cough*
Fixed: SoundEdit:Fixed toolbar button enabling
Fixed: MusicEdit:Fixed some bugs
v1.1    Fixed: 3DEdit:A gray line is painted at the bottom of the walls
-Fixed: ScreenEdit:It's impossible to paint in two areas at the right side of the screen
-Fixed: ScreenEdit:Some problems with the selection tool
-Fixed: VGAGRAPH:There was a bug in the font recognition which messed up the graphics when there were more then two fonts
-Fixed: GraphicsEdit:You were able to add graphics without loading a huffman table (VGADICT)
-Fixed: ConfigPage:  The mouse wheel granularity wasn't loaded unless you opened the config page
-Fixed: ConfigPage:CE crashed when you selected a configuration on the ConfigPage and opened a map file with an unknown extension
-Fixed: General:Several bugs nobody noticed... like palettes not changing on the screen when a new set becomes loaded and crashes with wrong Huffman tables
-Maps:ChaosEdit doesn't need a MAPHEAD file anymore, so it can successfully open Corridor 7 maps without an EXE file now ;)
-MapEdit:URL in the start screen corrected *cough*
-MapEdit:Objects, floors, grid and ProfMode checkboxes status become saved at shutdown and reloaded at startup
-Gamesymbols:Readded Chris' Wolf3D set with letters (though tile 224-227 seem to be missing)
-Gamesymbols:Changed the list type to allow keyboard navigation
-Gamesymbols:Added a few symbol files
-ScreenEdit:In the border editor you can now select the parts directly in the preview and choose the colors for all parts at once
-3DEdit:<CTRL> can now also be used for strafing for better navigation
-VGAGraph:Added a "Save all vga" button
-PaletteEdit:The current color index becomes shown now
-PaletteEdit:Improved color wheel and brightness handling a bit
-PaletteEdit:Changed the list type to allow keyboard navigation
-General:Added a really nice >Load all< feature including >Compress all< (though compress all only saves you aprox. 167 kB)
-General:Added a >Save all changes< feature which is currently only available when everything has been loaded with "Load all"
-General:The ChaosEdit main window's scrollbars are working at last!
v1.0    -preRelease release

Known bugs:

    - ChaosEdit main window: Missing update of info column pictures when editing selected pictures
- Walls/Objects/Floors: You can't change selected floor/wall/objects in the lists with the keyboard
- GraphicsEdit: Too huge pictures can cause problems (meaning REALLY huge)
- GraphicsEdit: The first six toolbar buttons aren't disabled if nothing is loaded.
- MusicEdit: Music stumbles when a tooltip is opening
- 3DEdit: If you use the SymbolBoxes or the SymbolList, you have to click into the main window to be able to move again
- 3DEdit: If another window is above CE and you click into the 3D view, ChaosEdit isn't moved to the front
- ScreenEdit: No tool is selected after you insert a text
- ScreenEdit: Missing line interpolation when drawing with the pen
- PaletteEdit: Color changes are only applied to the internal gamepal if "Change color" is pressed
- FontEdit: Changing the width of a non-existing character messes up the whole font (Try selecting the copyright sign in font 1, going to font 2 and change the width to 10)
- Sprite- and TextureEdit: Filling a non existant texture or sprite crashes ChaosEdit! (Wolf shareware versions)
- Sprite- and TextureEdit: Selections in non existant textures or sprites aren't handled correctly
- Sprite- and TextureEdit: Selections aren't handled properly if you add or delete textures or sprites
- Sprite- and TextureEdit: The toolbar buttons (except Add) aren't disabled when nothing is loaded
- SpriteEdit: If you try to load sprites from a VSWAP which doesn't contain any, all your previously loaded sprites become unloaded!
- SpriteEdit: Saving shareware sprites to a VSWAP which only contains textures doesn't work!


    General: - Improve undo support
- Automatic error checking
- Fix all those memory and file handle leaks for user cancels!!
- Correct overwrite question for parts which become added to existing files (i.e. VSWAP)
- Allow users to easily add wall/object/floor and sprite definitions without forcing them to manually edit the mapobjects directory
MapEdit: - Add undo/redo feature
- Option to add new maps before or behind the actual map
- Adding various methods to import or export maps
- Optional treat floors as walls for easier editing
3DEdit: - Add better support for placing doors (Martin Krysiak)
- Add support for advanced graphical features like atmosphere and stuff
- Support for invisible items or special floor codes (i.e. endgame trigger) (James Ingham)
- Improve visual quality
MusicEdit: - Add more editing functions
- Add saving function
- Music export
Tile8sEdit: - Messagebox preview
ScreenEdit: - Undo support
TextureEdit: - Make it easier to remove several textures
- Make it easier to add several textures
- Speed up saving
SpriteEdit: - Speed up sprite compression!!! (Try filling the background of a hires boss with yellow...sloooow)
- Make it easier to remove several sprites
- Make it easier to add several sprites
- Speed up saving
SoundEdit: - Speed up saving
GraphicsEdit: - Perhaps also add a magnifying glass?
- Improve graphics compression
PaletteEdit: - Improve brightness selection (modify color circle according to the brightness)
Supported games:
Add wall, object and floor name definitions and symbols (if you want to help us with this, have a look at the MAPOBJECTS subfolder)


    - ChaosEdit preRelease v1.27 (2008-06-01)
- ChaosEdit preRelease v1.26 (2008-01-20)
- ChaosEdit preRelease v1.25 (2006-10-22)
- ChaosEdit preRelease v1.24 (2006-10-21)
- ChaosEdit preRelease v1.23 (2006-10-09)
- ChaosEdit preRelease v1.22 (2006-06-04)
- ChaosEdit preRelease v1.21 (2006-03-01)
- ChaosEdit preRelease v1.2 (2006-02-06)
- ChaosEdit preRelease v1.1 (2005-06-23)
- ChaosEdit preRelease v1.0 (2005-05-18)