About Sunrise.Fly

Sunrise.Fly start the virtual business at the 25. January 2012 as TUIfly on HippyHappy Germany. For some reasons, we change our Airline, at 01. March 2013, to Sunrise.Fly. After HippyHappy Server closed it's doors, we are active on FSCloud now.

The Homebase is Duesseldorf EDDL and we are active on
Sunrise.Fly has over 2.000 global Routes. Our virtual Airline has not a real paragon, but we have an own Airfleet, with individual liveries.

Our Team, the "Sunrisers", count more then 15 Pilots. This Team is very international, we have Pilots from all continents and we are very proud about this Team.

Very best regards from the Sunrise.Fly Homebase EDDL
  • delphi340 - Founder -
  • Patytech - Technical Chief -
  • avi1996 - AP-Manager -
  • correbor - AP-Manager -
  • ...Paddy... - AP-Manager -
  • Timothee - Financial-Manager -
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