HowTo for install SimACARS and use of VAM

Install SimACARS
  1. Register on
  2. After Login go to "Pilot Actions / Piloten Menü", "Downloads", downloading the VAM ACARS 1.4.0
  3. Download FSUIPC4 if you don't have FSUIPC installed before
  4. Install FSUIPC4
  5. Install SimACARS
  6. After Install you have to config SimACARS, the Picture view the data you have to insert

Flying on VAM
  1. After Login go to "Pilot Actions / Piloten Menü"
  2. Go to "Book route / Rute Buchen", at this site you can see all available routes from your actual position
  3. If a route available click on icon for information
  4. At the next site you see all information about the route and the Metar and TAF Information, also the available Airplanes at your position
  5. Click on the Icon in the row of "Aircraft Book"
  6. You have booking the route and Aircraft now

Start SimACARS and fly
  1. Start the FSX or compatible Flightsimulation
  2. Start the Weather-engine if available
  3. Start FSCloud if you want to use
  4. Prepare your flight, setting your flight plan and calculate the Fuel
  5. Start SimACARS and Login on VA
  6. After Login you get a info "if you want to import a flight plan", click yes
  7. Select at the section "Connection to the SIM" the field Network, set this to a value what you want to fly
  8. Set the option Lbs and if you ready to fly, click on "Start Track"
  9. Have a good flight

After Landing
  1. After Landing and back to the gate click on "End Flight"
  2. You can see the Flight Summary from your logged flight
  3. Click on "Send Report" to send us the report
  4. Finish! If you have interest for a next flight, go back to "Flying on VAM" and Book a new flight
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